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We show you the best alternatives to modern Online Casinos on this website

There are almost as many casino alternatives as there are reasons to look for an alternative. We introduce you not only the top online casinos, but also the top 5 reasons why players are looking for casino alternatives.

1. the new customer bonus

Existing customers are often annoyed that new customers receive significantly better bonuses than they themselves. Despite years of loyalty, are you dissatisfied with the bonus? Numerous casino alternatives are just waiting to attract new players with particularly high bonuses. Of course, you know that many customers can be persuaded to change, above all through good new customer bonuses.

Accordingly, new customer bonuses are often particularly generous and attractive. The calculation of online casinos: Once you have registered and are satisfied with the offer, you probably won’t change again too quickly. As a result, bonuses for existing customers are generally significantly lower. Loyalty programmes should ensure that they do not feel neglected. For many customers, this tactic will last for years. Nevertheless, bargain hunters are occasionally drawn to the alternatives to the current casino.

After all, these often offer significantly higher bonuses and often also better sales conditions. Players’ bonus hunters often don’t understand why they should commit to a casino if they can get twice as many bonuses for their deposit elsewhere.

A special feature among them are the online casinos that offer a bonus without a deposit. They are particularly interesting for all customers and often there are players who graze all casinos with a no deposit bonus and try to win without making a deposit.

2. One simply had bad luck

Many players are superstitious regardless of where they play. Superstition can affect not only the local slot machine, but also the online casino. If a streak of bad luck follows a player, he may quickly get the impression that the online casino simply does not bring him luck. Once this impression has solidified, many decide to try their luck with another provider and are therefore looking for alternatives where the unlucky streak will hopefully come to an end.

3. lack of confidence in the current favorite casino

Playing at online casinos is always a matter of trust. Many players quickly suspect providers of unlawfully enriching themselves in them. Even if they usually do not have to be afraid of it, at least if they use respectable online casinos with license, a suspicion can lead fast to the complete loss of confidence. In case of doubt, it is better to change providers and look for a casino alternative than to let the mistrust grow.

4. the universally hated boredom

No matter how good the choice of games is – at some point a customer gets bored even in the best online casino. Are you fed up with the design of your former favorite casino? You have tested all games and don’t want to play your old favorite game anymore? Then it’s time for something new.

Even though many online casinos use the same software developers, there are often significant differences between casinos. Microgaming is not Playtech or NetEnt. Accordingly, there is still a lot to discover outside of the usual, so it would be a pity if players did not look around for casino alternatives from time to time.

5. dissatisfaction with service or technology

Many customers also switch to casino alternatives because they are too dissatisfied with a feature of the online casino to stay there longer. Customer service in particular quickly disappoints satisfied players. For example, some players are looking for an alternative to Stargames Casino. Poor accessibility, a chargeable hotline or unfriendly staff – many online casinos still have a lot to learn in the area of support. Accordingly, there are players who, due to dissatisfaction with the support team, change to the online casino and particularly appreciate the customer service there.

On the other hand, technical errors or incompatibility, which may not even necessarily be caused by the online casino, can lead to previously satisfied customers looking for an alternative to their casino. Those who cannot try the games due to technical problems are almost as quickly frustrated as users whose connection often breaks off. The fastest solution here is often the change of the online casino, however, this is not always purposeful.

This does not even have to be a clear weakness. Those who register at the first online casino they encounter without comparing online casinos with their offers in advance will rarely find an outstanding provider. However, a customer will gradually recognize the weaknesses of the first online casino and will also hear about better offers. Sooner or later he will look for casino alternatives.

Advertising or casino comparisons are also a good way to draw attention to better offers. Customers often find out by chance which other online casino has a particularly large number of games, excellent customer service or particularly good promotions. Also an alternative to Stake 7 is often googled. However, those who are considering that there are better online casinos than those used so far often look for casino comparisons to find the best alternative.